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Annualised Maintenance Contract For Hardware Support

NCP Inftatel deploys its strength not only as a networking specialist but it also address the IT maintenance services. We provide services to different areas of IT services. When you buy an IT product, you do not purchase only the product you purchase the know how and expertise of our people.

We believe services are more then just a maintenance contract. We just do not take maintenance contracts of computer systems, network & peripherals but we become your IT extended support.

  • We stand behind your IT setup, supporting all your needs.
  • Address your support needs from end-user PCs to complex data centers.
  • Whether you have supplied hardware or mixed vendors, protect your investments with our simple yet flexible approach.


“It starts with respect. If you respect the customer as a human being, and truly honor
their right to be treated fairly and honestly, everything else is much easier.”


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